Urban - 'Drink it - Plant it' Herbal Tea Blend

Inspired by the ecosystem complexity, Rhoeco created five conceptual organic herbal tea blends with different properties. Whole herbal leaves, flowers and fruits, sourced by small scale organic family farms, are meticulously packed by hand in ecological packages. They are naturally caffeine free, without flavours, sweeteners or any other forms of additives.

Urban ecosystems are characterised by human presence and intense rhythms. They are man-made ecosystems which hide difficulties but they also offer many opportunities. This speciality led us to the choice of certain herbs which substitute a silent ally of the working man or the student who must work through this peculiar ecosystem.

URBAN is a special herbal tea blend with an earthy character. You can enjoy it any time of the day. Resin notes of rosemary, followed by the bittersweet and slightly spicy aftertaste of the rest of the ingredients, create a unique honey coloured beverage.

- Certified organic.
- Naturally caffeine free.You can enjoy it both hot and cold
You can enrich the sweet taste of this blend adding a teaspoon of honey.

When the contents are finished, do not throw the package. Reuse it!
On the underside of the lid, you will find the seed stick glued with organic herb seeds. Add soil to the compostable container, embed the seed stick and grow your own aromatic plants. Plant the container in a bigger planter or directly in your garden and play your part in the environmental protection by reducing waste.


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11,00 €

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